How does it work?

Requirements & Email

Think about what do you need (a rough estimate is a good starting point) and shoot us an email at

  • Do you have a specific deliverable in mind?
  • Do you need extra developers to integrate with your team for a period of time?

First Contact

After agreeing on the contractual and legal details, we'll setup a kickoff session.

The purpose of the session is to:

  • Establish formal requirements (no need to wear a bow tie)
  • Discuss how ongoing work will look like

Getting Work Done

Depending on your needs, we'll work independently or with some of your existing teams to deliver what your business need.

  • We work remote-first with flexible timezones
  • We adopt an async culture
  • We keep meetings short and written documentation

Delivery & Future Projects!

After the project is delivered, it's time to celebrate and...

  • Start thinking about future projects!
  • Till next time!